Dating older women? Is the age gap to big?

I don't know what you think? I am sorta tired of chasing girls and she has some pretty good qualities like:

1. Great cook

2. Very sexy / Kinky

3. Tall, slim, perfect heart shaped bum.

At the minute I am more concerned with studies and I really just want a girl who can keep me happy on my down time, nothing too serious I guess. The main issue is she is 28 and I am 21. For this reason I find it hard to invision a serious thing. Should I give it a shot anyway? I am tempted to cause most women my age are just doing my head in. They are x10 more drama and it is so hard to find one I click with. I am very mature for my age I find with women at least, I usually click with 25-30 much more than I do with 18-24.


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  • If you're good for her and she's good for you, then do it. Never mind the age, it doesn't matter.


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  • Dude, you can never have anything serious with a person whom all you like about is her looks and bum shape .. Age is just a number , but honestly, serious relationships are valid when there are other things that are a bigger priority than her looks ..

    • Thats what I am saying. She is nice and sweet and what I am looking for is something chill a long side my studies. I used to hit clubs like 3 times a week and I am getting jaded of chasing younger women, and I don't like the idea of not getting any either. Maybe it will grow, who knows.

  • Dooooo it.

  • why you don't want something serious with her?what's her problem? age?

    • Ye I don't know I could try it. It is harder with the age gap perhaps.

    • Arilo don't get it, you can take her Seriously because She is 6 years older than you? You just don't like her don't Even try She will waste her time with you find someone you like period

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