Is there any one that can help me out with on line dating

I have a profile I have sent out responses and never hear back I am talking like 5 a day can some one check it out and tell me what's wrong with it? I always send a message just saying you seem nice would you like to chat what else can I say?

my profile in at okcupid and my user name is bigmichael1 any help would be great


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  • It's because your emails are general, cliche, and predictable. You need to switch up everything from the subject line to how you say your greetings. In the subject line, instead of saying "hey" say "I noticed something on your profile" it doesn't have to be that, but it has to be something that will get her to at least open up your email out of 1000s that have "hey" in the subject box, then, when greeting her, find something unique instead of just "hello" actually don't even start off with a greeting. Thirdly,

    Never approach the email like "hey, you seem nice, my name is...I am...also I am..finally I am...can we chat...I'd like to get to know you" because it's something she's already heard and she probably is tired of responding to the same old all the time.

    Instead, do something like this, for instance, say there is a blue lava lamp in the background of one of her pictures, your email can be like

    Subject: Do you always keep that thing as a background in your pictures?


    "That lava lamp, its pretty cool, but I didn't realize we were still in the 70s, you're not some drug taking hippie are you? :-) LOL, I'm just kidding, (then continue talking about something and end with a cliff hanger)

    Never ask her to respond and never say something like "hope to hear back" don't even put a closure, just sign off with your name, don't even introduce yourself, like my name is Jack, just be spontaneous, like if you were in the bar, you'd be like ""What kind of drink is that?" Instead of "Hi, my name is Jack, you come here often?" get what I mean?


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  • I couldn't check it because when you go to the site you have to sign up to view anything. 2nd you misspelled CUPID. No biggie but spellcheck is your friend. Women like intelligent. Just make sure you're detailed but no one wants to read to 5 page profile. Key points are not just things you are into or what you want in a woman, but key aspects about your personality. You want to tell someone who you are at your core. Dreams goals passions. What makes you laugh, what catches your eye, what intrigues you. And you also want to seem friendly and open. And remember no one likes TMI. So if its something you would tell your doctor, you probably wouldn't want to talk to a date about.


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  • Well I am not going to check this out for you,lol... however I have done many of these site profiles... Looks do not matter so erase any thoughts of that. when making a profile "about you's" short is not exactly sweet. Be very detailed about yourself and the person you would like to meet... be available for commication with humorous qualities... be kind and open what you would read if you were a woman desiring a guy like yourself...

    a coment I make has always included something about her profile that shows you actually read hers. so find a paticular quality you share and make a funny and clever comment comment with a question she would want to reply with... I have never said the same thing to one's profile than another... Each woman is different and each has her own personality... being the typical male response would alway say something like pretty eyes, so avoid tis if you can until a conversation is sparked and you have some responses flying back and forth ... but sneak it in never lead with psysical attributes that is gareenteed she recieves by 90% of the other males contacting her... Most women will give you something to talk about in their profile you just need to stand out from the others... good luck, be unique and clever ( WOMEN LOVE HUMOR and if you can keep them laughing, that will win your respect)

  • If your sentence structure and punctuation is as sloppy as your question then I think I know what's going on... I suspect most women get enough emails from random guys that they don't waste time on that guy who's too lazy to write a proper sentence.

    • i did not know how to read till I was 16 I tought my self with auto repair books at home I have tried ever thing to learn to spell and write and can't get it know matter what I even tried going to classes nouthing has worked I finly had to give up

    • I'm not calling you dumb or stupid, and it sounds like you have a tonne of reasons to be super proud of yourself!

      If you're uncertain about your writing then use MS word, or another writing program that has auto punctuation and spell correct.

      And break up your sentences into paragraphs. Cheat the system like I do: let the computer do the hard work.

      Also, stay proud of yourself and it'll communicate to women unconsciously.

      Finally, read as often as possible, it'll slowly improve your writing.

  • I don't know that much about dating sites, but I have to agree with Dollface's comment that spellcheck is your friend. I did a quick skim of your profile and it does look like you spelled everything correctly, but work on grammar, capitalization, punctuation, etc. One example from your page is to capitalize your I's.

    Probably not a big deal and someone else might not think that it is important, but if I was looking for a relationship on a site, all of the stuff I mentioned above would be important to me.