A sign he wants to spend more time together?

I was recently on a first date when my date mentioned a singer I hadn't heard of. He then mentioned that he "would get me into them."

Am I reading too into that? I would say that to someone if I was thinking that I would be spending more time with them.

He seemed nervous, but we did hang out and play Scrabble until 3am at the bar. He paid for everything and we went to 2 bars- at his asking to go somewhere else I liked (we where in my neighborhood).


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  • You're a classic example of someone who is desperately grasping at a second opinion. It's all obvious. Do your own work.

    • Isn't this website solely based on second opinions? If it was obvious to me I wouldn't have asked. Men say weird things to me all the time on dates. The more I go on the more trouble I have deciphering which is true or not.

    • It's based on advice from the opposite gender. Please be a little more perceptive. Second opinions are a component of this website do to the vast amount of insecure people such as yourself that are looking for other people to tell them what they want to hear rather than help in any way. There's nothing to decipher. He said "I'll get you into them" <- Do the math.

    • Being an attractive female, who dates frequently, means I have a lot of things said to me, and yes, I am not always perceptive because I've heard some crazy sh*t. It doesn't make me insecure for asking for another opinion on what happened/was said. Someone could gladly disagree with me; I'm open to that- that why I posted it, to see if anyone had differing opinions other than my own.

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  • Yeah, that comment about getting you into the singer you've never heard of and hanging out much of the night with you tells me he's feeling you. He wants to spend more time with you.

    • Yes but he didn't walk me home or go for a kiss. I know, I know, some men move slower- which I prefer, but he didn't give me much to go on (probably because he was so nervous, I guess).

    • He may be a little shy in that aspect especailly if he was nervous. The next time you guys are out, if he doesn't initiate a goodbye kiss, kiss him on the cheek, then he'll know you don't mind him in your personal space.

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  • yeah he wants to spend more time with you

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