What does it mean if a guy drunk texts you?

I've known this guy for 3 years now, and I see him around. He does find me attractive, and has kissed me. however compared to all the other girls he is friends with, I'm the least attractive. I'm not ugly, but I'm not hot either. They are way thinner, and naturally pretty. I'm just wondering why this guy is texting me out of no where and who is definitely surrounded by much more attractive girls right now...


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  • When you're drunk, the truth comes out. That's why they call alcohol the Truth Syrum. Guys may have preferences (i.e. blondes, big boobs, curvy, tall) however guys genrally like a variety of girls.

    Don't read into the type of girls he's been with in the past. Who cares. If he text you something sweet when he was drunk (and not just once but on a few occassions), he more than likely thinks highly of you and probably doesn't know how to say it when he's sober.

    Sounds dumb...but it's probably true. Be cool and see where it goes. You've got nothing to loose.


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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is very possible he thinks you are much more beautiful than the girls you describe as thin, and naturally pretty. Every man has diffrent taste. Like me fore example, I find scandinavians (typical blondes, tall , etc) nothing special, but give me a petite black haired kazak woman (my ex) and I will probably fall in love.


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  • He may have feelings for you, looks aren't everything. I felt the same way with my boyfriend, he's dated very pretty girls and I consider myself average. Keep texting him though to see how he feels. If he just wants to be friends then be just friends.

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