Signs of Rejection and Signs of Commitment

Guys, what signs should a girl watch for if you're losing interest? And what hints are you throwing out there when you're really into a girl?

I know a lot of women (not all, but quite a few) can be really insecure about how their boyfriend/potential boyfriend views them. Personally, I've been dating the same guy for four months, and I'm still wary of rejection.

What sorts of things are you doing when you want a girl to stick around? And what are you doing when you want a girl to take the hint and get lost?

Same thing for girls to guys! Girls, what do you do when you want to woo your man, and how do you act when you're losing interest/not interested anymore?


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What Guys Said 1

  • rejection: I would choose video games over you, I would not care about anything you do. even if I did I would show very little signs that I am.

    Commitment: I would make plans to hang out with you. If we didn't talk for a few days, I would call you/text you/IM you.


What Girls Said 1

  • no point in worrying about rejection. it can happen anytime, even I someone loves u.

    instead of worrying that something hat might happen, might happen. & looking for false sense of security-that could make it feel even worse, if it does happen- just enjoy what you gave, & accept it may not last.

    my guess is, yore NOT enjoying what you have, which is why you're even thinking about rejection.

    if you were happy or felt loved, you wouldn't be thinking about it. it could still happen, but you wouldn't be worrying about it.

    So what's our boyfriend doing, that makes you feel like he doesn't care? id deal with that. then decide if you guys are even compatible.

    anyone can end a relationship at any time.

    everoynes signs are different, including not giving any. its a pontless worry.

    if I lost interest, id break u. I wouldn't give signs. if I haven't broken up, I'm still interested.