I snogged two sisters last night but I like a third girl, and prom is coming up!

hiya, basically I asked my friend's sister to the prom, which was all good until last night I found out she has a boyfriend, so I was annoyed at this. anyway I snogged this girl who is my age who I have liked for a while. We were all drinking and then she told me to ask her to the prom instead which seemed a good idea after the other girl now has a boyfriend, then through truth or dare I snogged her sister, but it was so much more then just for a dare as we had both been up for it for ages and it lasted like 5 mins. so I woke up this morning about to tell the first girl the prom is off but apparently she now still loves me, but won't dump her boyfriend, does she just want to go to the prom regardless of who it is with ? which girl do I go for... help!

anyone else help?


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  • your information is a little confusing, here's what I got

    girl 1: freinds sister, has boyfreind, not her

    girl 2: your age, have liked her for a while, wants you to ask her, maybe

    girl 3: truth or dare, girl 2's sister, both been up for kissing each other for ages, 'dare' kiss lasted for like 5 mins, sounds like your both into each other, ask her

    tell the first girl its off she has a boyfreind, don't buy into her 'i love you' crap

    tell me if I got any of this wrong... :) hope I helped

  • lmao @ snogging. (UK slang)

    Unless she dumps the boyfriend...you should not go to prom with the first girl...

    that will cause drama.

    take the girl you like to prom...not the 5 minute long snogger. The one you liked before.


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