Did I send him the wrong text ? I need urgent help please !

All right so I need a reply very quick... I feel depressed from yesterday and I didn't sleep from more than 24 hours.. I am tired, but my brain just doesn't seem to let me sleep.. I am exhausted and very sensitive. My boyfriend called me twice today and I told him how I feel.. but all I got from him was .. " I don't know what to say, but I love you " and then he gets upset because I am upset and we hang up.. he called me 5 minutes ago and I was in the same mood, and again .. all he said was " lol how can you be so tired but can't sleep.. anyway I love you" .. the call lasted for almost 4 minutes. I was really angry at him, because he doesn't seem to care about me very much .. I am not always like this, so no I am not a drama queen who seeks attention. I just feel really down, and I am alone, I speak to no one, I don't have a TV to watch and I can't even cook ( I do this sometimes to feel better) , I feel like I am locked in a prison .. I spent the last 26 hours in my bed staring at the walls.. so I sent him this text :

Maybe your not the reason for how I feel, but your actually contributing to ruining my mood.. You seem to not care and that makes me feel just worse.. Yes you call, but your words are empty and feelingless.. I am sorry but your not helping me at all!

he didn't reply yet .. and I don't know what to do .. am I over reacting ? if he calls, should I stick to my argument , or give up and apologize ? help me please!

He just texted me back saying that that's why he feels bad when he calls, because I don't seem to respond to his " I love you" ..so I replied .. that maybe he is not trying hard enough to make me feel better .. I told him he doesn't have any idea how it feels to be in my shoes right now , and that maybe he is a tad insensitive to how I feel .. " .. what do you guys think ? : (


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  • Maybe you should talk to him in person, even though it is a bit better than texting* phone call

    I wouldn't call that depression- if its only been a day actually

    You are feeling low..

    • I can't see him now .. have been a week since I saw him and I have to wait for another week to see him :) .. and well yeah I know it's not depression .. but it's just that I have a mixture of awful feelings and I just don't know what to call it ..

    • maybe you should take that week or a few days before your see him - no contact with him

      you don't know how long it is going to last

      I feel down here and there.

      I kinda don't talk much or interact with the guy I'm talking to because I don't want to bring him down along with me. yeah it might suck to be alone a few days but you don't want this to effect when you see him, with the no contact that should bring out of the dumps since you will be so excited to see him :)

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  • Well lol if you really felt that way then I guess you had to tell him eventually. I think you might even want to break up with him if you feel that too.

    • He keeps messaging me about how I am never satisfied with what he does.. ugghh this is so unfair ! , When he is down or needs me , I am always there for him and we talk for ages.. but when I need him , all I get is a 5 minute call ! .. I can't break up , we are together from 2 years and we went through a lot of crap but we love each other.. is just that sometimes he does these stuff .. he ll apologize , but now I am really sad :S

  • I love you" is empty and feeling less, what's empty about that? The fact that he's calling/texting you to check up on you says he cares. What do you want the guy to do for you, what are you doing for yourself to better your mood?

    • He just called twice today and both very short calls!.. All I am saying is that when he feels down he asks me to be there for him and talk to him for ages.. but when I ask him to do the same for me , It's wrong! .. I can't do anything , what can I do ? I have no TV, no access to anything , I can't go out , I have no one to talk to , I have no family! .. All I have is my empty room! .. what can I do to make myself feel better ?

    • Ok, I see your point. When I'm down I like to exercise or watch a movie, I know you don't have a t.v., so try watching one on the web. You don't have to go out to exercise, you can jog, do jumping jacks, or whatever exercise you like in your room.

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  • Call him at his free time and tell him that you need him to be there with you. If he comes, it means that he really cares. Now, you can go out, alone, have a walk, think of stuffs you can do it alone to have fun, listen to good music (Like She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, I really like this song, it makes me feeling better when I'm down).

    Good luck. Happy new year. =)