Decoding my crushes text messages?

Okay so this kid I've had a crush on for the past couple of months has been texting me and I want to know if he likes me or not, and if he's flirting with me (keep in mind I'm an epic fail at flirting so my responses are kinda stupid):

him: hey, how's math going?

me: it's going good, I just don't get any of it lol

him: lol well that's because you're not that smart -.-

me: gee thanks lol

him: so do you have a boyfriend?

me: nopee : /

him: awe how come?

me: I don't know lol

him: awe, well I think you're gorgeous :D

him: do you take the bus home?

me: no, my mom picks me up

him: ohh, tell her I said hi :D

him: where are you right now?

me: science, you?

him: English, you should come to my class

me: I cant, I'm taking a test

him: awe, we couldve had fun

him: we should hang out sometime

me: yea that would be fun

him: really?

me: yea (:

him: wow, I can't believe you agreed to that...i was so scared to ask you :D


Most Helpful Guy

  • He knows when to use "you're" (and not "your")

    Guy's a keeper.


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  • Oh what really? Of course he likes you! :-P That exchange was pretty cute too. ;-)


What Girls Said 2

  • ya. he likes you. good luck :)

  • yes he like you

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