If he says he wants to be far away from me doesn't that mean he doesn't want to have anything to do with me?

we used to fool around. we never had intercourse. after confessing my feelings for him one day, he told me he didn't mean anything by him fooling around. I thought he did. and because I thought he did he said he probably needed to stay far from me Because other people might be thinking the same as well... so I decided to leave him alone... as I had expected he didn't call or anything until three weeks passed and I found a missed call from him I called him but he said he would call back tomorrow. he did.

him: hi how are you?

me: I'm fine

him: I thought you went abroad (I guess that was an excuse for not calling maybe I don't know why he would think that other wise)

im gonna skip out a part of this convo.

me:so exactly why are you calling

him: you called me the yesterday

me:yeah but why were you calling in the first place

him: just checking up on you.

me: why?

him: what. I can't check up on you anymore?

me: I don't see why you should.

him: okay. bye.

so if he says he wants to be far away from me doesn't that mean he doesn't want to have anything to do with me? so then why was he calling to "check up on me"?

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  • Maybe he was unsure of how he felt, and now he's trying to get back into contact with you. It doesn't necessarily mean that he likes you as more than a friend though, I don't know who knows? Why don't you just try to get in contact with him, and talk to him about it, WITHOUT yelling at him. Yelling is only going to make it worse, and he'll probably withdraw until he's gone completely. Try not to talk the way you did up there either, from what you've noticed already, it won't help. Hope that helps, and if it works out, good for you! If it doesn't, life goes on, and you'll find that guy eventually.

  • He seems unsure, maybe he wants to go back to the fooling around stage or he's just trying to sort his feelings so he tried to contact you. Give him sometime to figure it out on his own :)

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