How did our first ''date'' go? I'm not experienced in dating

I've been talking online with a girl from my high school, we never talked in person but saw each other quite often. we're in college now and we started to like each other, and I suggested that we meet in person. she said yes, and we had our first meeting. it went quite well, we talked for 3 hours, she kept looking at me the whole time and didn't show signs of boredom. however, I felt kinda stupid, I was clearly nervous, my mouth was dry and we kinda talked about awkward stuff. when we went home she initiated a hug and we went our separate ways, and I asked if we should hang again later, she said we'll talk online again and arrange the next meeting a few days later. since I'm not experienced, I can't really tell if she sees me more of a friend or a potential boyfriend, even though she says she doesn't believe in male-female friendships. sorry if it's too long, I just don't know what to do now. any help and advice is appreciated


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  • it sounds quite good. can't say you if it's friend or boyfriend situation you're in ... because I'm currently experiencing the same ha ha :D it's hard to know , thing you can do is like get a little bit more physical , and see how she reacts ... if she's fine with your arm around her while you're walking , or holding hands and stuff , or just simple casual touches while talking ...


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