How can every relationship be a rebound? You date someone and break up..

people tell you that the next relationship is just a rebound and won't last, so that makes every relationship a rebound, so you have a rebound from a rebound. I think that after having dated 2 different people, the rebound rule should be nixed. Any thoughts?


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  • A rebound is when your not over the last relationship, but if you are, then there's no chance of a rebound as no emotions exist from your previous relationship, that's what rebound means, so if your hurt by a split up, don't get into a relationship until all emotions of the previous relationship have been dealt with, this way you ovoid the rebound result, good luck.

    • Ohh got it! Yeah but some outsiders say stuff about it being a rebound and it's not, guess it just means some people should just stay outta it if it's not their business hah.

    • People out side the perimetres of their buisness will always want to give a reason or pretend they know a reason to why its happening/going on, but yes, your right, unless they have a direct connection with your relationship, then they should keep out of it, because, any advice is not always good advice, good luck,x

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  • It's only a rebound if it's too fast. People normally need time to heal from a break up. When people are accustomed to intimacy with other people it'll feel weird when they're suddenly single so they'd quickly seek for someone who can fulfill that role thus a "rebound" so to speak.

    • Ahh very nice explanation, but friends always say "oh well this is just a rebound", it's like...but wait, wasn't the last one? I don't know...

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