Is there a problem in my relationship?

So I met this guy, we've been going out for 4 months so far. He told me he loves me and I told him it back. But I have been in bad relationships and I learned to trust him even though I still have a wall up. I'm just protecting myself. I come from an African background where my parents are like the man is suppose to come get you and hang out with you and chase after you.. my parents feel like I'm chasing him because I'm always at his apartment spending time with him but he is rarely at my parents house because I still live at home and commute to college. Is there a problem in my relationship or am I being to blind to see it, I know he cares about me. How do I ask him to come over constantly without pressing him and realizing if he cares he would come over. He had a girlfriend for 3 years so I don't see why he acts like that. Plus it is his first time dating outside his race. I'm Black and he's white. Can I have some advice on what I should do or are my parents expecting too much or have too much say?


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  • As long as he comes over sometimes, I think that's fine. It depends on both your personal circumstances rather than race and stuff I think. For example, if he lives on his own, it works out better for you to go there so you can be alone and stuff...

    • Right I understand. But constantly my parents are like why are you always there. he's never here. Its not like I'm hiding him or anything. I guess they want it to be 50/50 its more like 99.9 % of me over there. I know race is not an issue. But for him he came from a predominantly white neighborhood and I still feel like its still an adjustment for him still. Or how do I ask him to come over more often

    • Just invite him over? You don't have to give any indication that you're concerned its too much one way. And if he refuses several times, then ask him why you are always at his place.

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