She said no but she still is trying to control me, what gives?

So I've been good friends with this girl since the start of the school year, we don't go to the same school but we hang out pretty often and talk online almost every day. I asked her out before and she said that she'd rather keep me as one of her best friends because she valued our friendship so much. So I said ok and tried to move on. The other day I said that this other girl was hot and she got very mad at me. We do a lot of stuff together that I'm starting to wonder if its "just friends" anymore, like we share drinks and I've given her massages and stuff. Its confusing the hell out of me, so far it seems like she's saying one thing and doing another. what should I do? should I move on and tell her to stop bieng so touchy-feely? should I confront her and ask her what's up? what?

  • Move on and tell her to stop being so touchy-feely
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  • Move on and keep our friendship the same, ignoring her when she gets mad about me talking about other girls
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  • Make a physical move and try to start a casual relationship
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  • Confront her and ask her what the deal is
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  • Wait it out and see what happens/leave it how it is
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i would tell her how you really feel. you could confront her but don't be mean about it. just ask wats up in a nice way. maybe you should just stop being touchy with her. maybe you should just hang out with her a little less. kinda make her wonder wats going on. even just leaving her alone for a while (not ignoring her though) might make her want you more. I had this boyfriend who was clingy and called all the time so I broke up with him. and he still called a lot and it annoyed me. we hung out on a saturday and the next day he never called. and it made me wonder what was going on. it drove me nuts! and I had to leave to go to a state competion on top of that! but anyways after he just gave me some time and space I wanted him. I know this is not the same situation, but I felt like I wanted to be friends but kinda liked him. but it might not work that way with her so if all else fails then try that. so maybe just giving her a little time might do the same for her. and if everything is going good ask her out. if she says no then I would not let her toy with you anymore! do not let her be touchy with you if you ask her out and she says no.


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What Girls Said 1

  • you should confront her because I've been in this same situation where my guy friends have asked me out and I told them I just wanted to be good friends but I never let them give me massages ahaha. I gave them hugs and that's it because I meant it when I said I just wanted to be their friend. she either wants to be friends for real in some twisted way or she changed her mind and maybe just give her some space to think and ask her again if all this keeps happeneing cause I've never let a guy I didn't like give me a massage


What Guys Said 1

  • from my experiences if you tell a girl you like them and or ask them out, and they say no, and you start talking about another girl, after youve moved on, they get jealous, because they were dumb enough to say no, and not yes, when they had the chance, now they know they won't have another chance, unless you decide to go back to them, which guys rarely ever do, my suggestion would be just to keep doing what you're doing, and see what happens