Am I being too much?

So I met this guy right before I was going home for college. At first he would text me periodically and ask things about like what I was interested in, my family stuff like that and then he would call me at night. Then all of a sudden now I am texting him first, he will text me back and we will talk, but I don't know if maybe he isn't texting me first anymore because maybe he isn't interested anymore or if I am just over thinking the situation. The last conversation we had I told him I was watching a movie and he asked me what it was about and that it sounded good and asked me when it was going to be over, but then didn't text me back afterward but I think he may have just fallen asleep figuring it was like 2 in the morning. But I don't know should I just not text him and see if he texts me or stop being dramatic? Then the other night we were talking on the phone and he said he was tired so I was like alright that's fine go to bed. Then a few secs later he texted me asking me if I was mad because I seemed upset and I was like no I'm not mad I promise I understand your tired. And then he was like well we won't really be able to talk tm since I am going to have to sleep during the day since I have to work at night and if you are up now we can just talk more now and then called me back?


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  • I think you're freaking out over nothing. He's probably trying not to act desperate which is why he's not texting you first every time. It may also be the case that he just assumes you will do it now, so he doesn't text first because you don't give him the chance to. I'd bet that if you didn't for a day, he eventually would. He seems interested to me.