Completely flirty to nothing??

So there was this guy over the summer and we started texting a lot. It got really flirty like to the point where we were implying things really sexually. it was mostly just messing around though I think. he told me I was really sexy and all this kind of stuff and we talked for such a long time every day. I was really flirty with him though I messed it up and he found out that I wasn't really liking him as much as he liked me. we got past this though and he helped me in the library with homework one morning and told me I looked really cute. I ended up telling him I liked him a little while after this but he was like I thought we agreed to be just friends. How can guys get over girls so quickly? and why doesn't he ever try to text me anymore?


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  • He was hurt and thus doesn't want to get hurt again. Plus, he thinks you might be playing games by going from not really liking him to liking him more. He doesn't text you because he doesn't want to look desperate.