Lots or no past relationships?

Hi, I have this problem, the truth is I never really had a girlfriend before (I am 24 now) and so I have no past relationships, OK now, I have seen if I talk to girls and I come to the point where she asks me how many girls have I had in the past, I can either tell her the truth which is none, or lie and say 5. The question I have is: Why does a girl lose a lot of interest in me if I say none? from a logical point of view, is it good to have broken goods?


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  • If a girl you're dating asks you that, you can counter it with a question of yours.

    "How many relationships have you been in?"

    Or you can do a statement-statement-question, or just ignore her and change the subject. If you don't want to talk about it, DON'T. You control the conversation, and she should follow you. Whatever topics you bring up.

    This kind of question is a deal breaker. And if you answer it, it could be a lose-lose situation.

    You tell her you've never had a girlfriend before, and she will most likely lose interest. 99% of all females usually do because they don't like virgin guys or amateurs who don't know how to date girls. They like the skilled players who know how to seduce women. The bad boy type who's fun, flirty, unpredictable, and does whatever he wants. And gets what he wants through persistence and some patience.

    If you tell her you've had a few girlfriends, you'll have to make sh*t up. She may be attracted to you, but it's all bullsh*t. However, if you have to lie just to have a chance, do it. But when it comes time into sleeping with her, she may very well find out you were lying if you don't know what you're doing. Your lack of skills may show.

    A dumb suggesion is that you prepare for this question. If you have to lie, be ready for it. One girl you really liked in high school = your first girlfriend. You can say some positive things about her and how she positively influenced you. Then bring up a couple fond memories of dates you did. Your 2nd and 3rd girlfriends were in college. You dated the first one for the first 2 years, then broke it off over the summer. Then you found a sorority girl at one of your parties and broke it off with her after 6 months because you were both having a hard time with your studies. Whatever.

    A better suggestion, and the best one I have in mind, is to keep it brief and perhaps tell her you're seeing a couple other girls you've recently met. Irregardless, this may or may not attract her to you. All girls are different. A good majority of them like the competiton, but others lack confidence in themselves that they become selfish to the point that they only want you to see them.

    • Hallelujah! I'll keep this in mind, and I do agree with you, this is a deal breaker, the great irony is if she knows you slept with allot of women that can be a turn off, or I could be wrong, so I guess lying is the only answer.

      Many Thanx

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    • The big point here is that - you DON'T HAVE TO TELL HER SH*T if you don't want to. You can say whatever you want, and you don't even need to listen to her. And don't worry about the outcome - if she becomes dissapointed that you're not 'playing her game', oh well! You can always cross her @ss off and find other girls who are more invested in HAVING FUN on your date and not weeding you out to determine whether you're boyfriend material or not.

    • And I apolgize for hammering on in this matter, but it's good advice ... guys are the gatekeepers to commitment. Not girls. They hold no power in making choices on who's a good boyfriend and who's not. It's the other way around - is she a good girl? Are you having fun? If yes, then keep going and see how far it goes. If no, you can always walk away. Girls are the gatekeepers to sex. So if you get to the bedroom, she wants you. If you don't with her, then you can choose to pursue her or not.

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  • Tell the truth it is what it is.

    Girls want to feel like you have things handled maybe with the inexperience creates fear for them. So if in the case you do want to pursue one then tell her you don't have anything to compare it with but your sure about this and ready for it. I think it may change the response.

    Player is what comes to mind also-if that's not in your equation just do what I said before.


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  • Or tell her you were dating guys. The look on her face - priceless.