Will he call after I slept with him?

So I started seeing this guy a couple weeks ago. He asked me out to lunch. We had drinks and a hot makeout session a couple days later. Then a couple days later he invited me out with some of his friends from work. We had a great time that night and he was really affectionate towards me in front of his friends. We fooled around a little more that night but I didn't sleep with him. Then this past saturday he invited me over for wine and movies at his place. We had a very enjoyable night and I ended up spending the night. The following morning I was in a bit of a rush so I felt kind of bad but we still got coffee together in the morning and it overall seemed like a really nice time I had spent with him. I following day I asked him if he wanted to get dinner and he responded saying he had made plans with his friends but asked if he could get a rain check for later this week. So now I'm wondering if he actually will call me to go out again or was he just in it for the sex?


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  • if he doesn't call you for this week he was deff in it for the sex...dnt feel bad I use to be just like that my ex boyfriend and I had sex on our first date and but he did call back we actually was together for 5 yrs...

    i might be wrong but sex is like the one thing that's on every guys mind(no matter the type of guy you are)and if it is that he is a man who is looking for something real and bnot just sex and you gave it to him so early he might ahve gotten doubts about u...

    if he was looking for sex then he might call again I dnt think I have to tell you the diff types of calls but just to make sure

    if he calls you and is not interested in going out socailly and is more interested in seeing you indoors then you know what that means...

    Dnt think you should have made the move for the date after sex either...u should have waited for him to ask you out...


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  • I think he'll call you back, you've seen him a couple of times already and you've met his mates so I don't think it was just for the sex.

  • He got sex.

    He bailed out.

    He hasn't initiated contact since.

    Stop fooling yourself. At best, you're a friend with benefits.


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  • How did you guys meet?

    That could also tell a lot about this whole thing.

    • We met online, you're right, I should have put that in. There were a few emails exchanged between us and a phone call before the first date. Being that he is online he could certainly be dating others. At least he reserved me for a Saturday night. It was funny though because when we were out with his friends the other night we decided to tell them we met through a mutual friend instead of owning up to the online dating thing haha.

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    • He called me yesterday before he got on his flight home :) Thanks for the advice

    • He will call back the day he wants more of the same and the other one isn't free or willing.

  • You know, I never thought I'd get a call when I did.

    So who knows?