Was I too Hasty To Say Goodbye?

I'm back into dating and an attractive woman. I attract a lot of flirty to say the least comments from guys but I don't have 'inviting' pictures of me asking for it. I got talking to a guy online, I liked him, he seemed interesting and was attractive. After a couple of messages back and fourth I said I was going to bed, I had told him during conversation I had trouble getting to sleep. The next morning I checked my messages and found a good morning message which was nice, till I read on: "we will have to find a way to get you to sleep better wink wink". It said. I was disappointed to say the least but ignored it and replied later in the day missing that nit out in the hope he would take the hint. Each day I have had innuendos, nothing to vulgar but they're there to say the least. Ranging from the first too, "do you have a rug in front of your fire 'wink'... I like to snuggle naked under a blanket... Do you want me to come do your back... I don't even know this guy. I ended it by saying I was sorry but he was being way too forward for me, It's just not my style or idea of starting anything up well. And his profile was the one that said 'looking for a serious relationship'... what I am ultimately getting at is this. Am I gonna have to just accept that this is what I'm in for now? Or did I do the right thing by sticking by my standards. I'm not shy, just think maybe it's inappropriate. Thanks to anyone who spends long enough to read and reply. I need some feedback to see if I'm out of touch.


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  • I think he was being too forward and you did the right thing. He should be trying to get to know you as a person first.

    • I agree with SkinnyG. I'm a guy that if I don't exercise self discipline, I love to flirt that way but I also know some women find it offensive. If you asked him to stop and he didn't, he's toast. Of course, you don't even have to do that.

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