I'm seeing someone new, but I can't get my ex out of my head?

I've started seeing someone new. The new guy is basically perfect. A couple years ago he would have been my dream guy. He's sweet, kind, and thoughtful. He texts me every morning to say good morning and calls me beautiful. He knows my last relationship was serious, but he has no idea that I can't get my ex off my mind. What do I do? I don't want to hurt him.


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  • get on with your life with this new guy - remember why you broke up with your ex . it's normal to think of hm because you had a serious relationship , but there must have been serious problems with him also , otherwise you wouldn't break up with him rigth ? maybe you weren't feeling it anymore or whatever ...

    you have this new guy , who is perfect , focus on that . your ex will have someone else soon , so just forget him :)

    • It's been around 8 months since we broke. Up until now, neither of us have seen anyone else. I still love him so much, and I know he still loves me. We were going to get married. There weren't major issues to be honest. This new guy is amazing, but I don't have the chemistry and connection that I had with my ex. It's making me sad because I miss one guy and know that it would hurt the other guy to know that. He doesn't know how serious the relationship was.

    • so why did you break up ?

    • It's complicated. I still don't completely understand. He always started the marriage and future conversations. Then one day he told me he's decided he's afraid of committing. He still tries to spend time with me and always flirts with me...even though he was the one who ended it.

  • The usual "I still love the a**hole ex while I'm with a good guy".

    One sure thing, you don't deserve to be with the new one.

    • That's not fair to say. You don't even know me. I fell in love with the other guy, and it's hard to move past that. I really like this new guy. I'm just not quite ready yet.

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    • I do like the new guy. He's amazing. I just can't shake the ex, though. In fact, I've known the new guy and have been friends with him for years.

    • Even better. Using a friend in such a situation. Oh hell...

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