Is there a way to get back to where we were?

I went to dinner with a guy friend that I really care for, we had a pretty good time. I've developed strong feelings for him since.

The dinner ended with him kissing me on the cheek. I was quite surprised as I really didn't expect it, barely had enough time to peck his cheek back.

Ever since then, we've been communicating but we haven't been alone together. One day he text asking me to dinner or drink. I said yeah, when and where. I was thrilled and confused. I thought the dinner/drink would be a great time for him and I to get closer but I was confused as he's never asked anything like that. But he never got back with me and I got the feeling he took a giant step by asking and chickened out at the last minute.

The next day he text me if I wanted to have lunch. We did but I knew it was going to only be lunch. I knew he wouldn't try kissing me in front of others.

Ever since the dinner it's been a friendly relationship only. I know he won't take it to the next level in fear of getting hurt.

Is there a way to get back to where we were? Do I lay low and let him make the moves or do I try to move him along?


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  • If you know he's fearful, then move him long, assure him that you are interested him and he won't be rejected. Ask him out to dinner or on a date, then flirt with him, he'll get the message


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