Asking her out for the next night online?

If a guy on a dating site asks to meet a girl the next he testing her availability? Or does he just want to go out?

What if he has work and says he'll "let her know what's going on?" Is he just messing with her or does he really want to go? Is it wiser for her to suggest a different night?


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  • what ACTUALLY happened?

    no hypothetical s

    sounds a bit desperate

    • we had a good conversation last night and he told me he wants to meet me tonight and he'll "let me know what's going on after work". We texted a bit last night too. I was kind of tired and was all "what the hell" (I don't make too much of an investment emotionally in these things) but I'm not really in the mood and don't want him to think I'm always available because I'm not.

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    • i'm not trying to play games really, I just want to go a different night instead, and I kind of feel like he may be trying to see if I'm " overly available". He's that very smart and clever type. Perhaps a bit manipulative. If he does actually text me and I say I have plans and want to go another night, is that fine? I mean, if it makes him mad I guess he wasn't worth it in the first place.

    • See?

      I told you that (You know how you are)

      and I often like repeating things to people that they ask

      you asked

      "If I am busy or do not wish to go out, and would rather just go out another night, is that fine?"

      of course

      it is YOU that makes that decision

      nobody else

      especially not a possibly manipulative man you just met

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