Should I wait or get some no-strings attached fun?

I fell in love with this girl several months ago and, at the time, it started to seem like she might be feeling something for me as well. However, shortly thereafter, her boss made things difficult. We rarely had time to get together except when she was working at this bar and he had an issue with me visiting her even though I was a paying customer. Long story short, I couldn't see her at the bar anymore. We tried getting together a few times since then but things came up and she also said she was seeing someone... though I'm not sure if she really was or not... she seemed excited about getting together but then seemed to get nervous or scared when the plans didn't work out.

We finally saw each other New Year's Eve when she was working at a new bar and we talked about a few things that had gone on. The guy she had said she was seeing was nowhere to be found while I was there...til after midnight. Over the course of the night, we did seem to get a little closer though nowhere near as close as we had been. When I left, she said we'd see each other soon but I'm guessing that just means when I stopped in the bar next.

Here's my dilemma...the last few months while things seemed strained between us, I was chatting with this other woman and we've talked about getting together for some no-strings attached fun. I'm not sure if the girl I love is really ready to get close again but I do know that once she is, there's no way I'll even think about another woman. I'm just trying to figure out if I should go for the sure thing on no-strings attached fun or wait for the one I love, even if it could take a few weeks or even a few months before things are back to normal between us.


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  • Well, if you love the girlA, then you should definitely want to have the "fun" with girlA.

    So, first make sure that she also loves you and then start proceeding.

    The most important point is to know if girlA loves you and will you be able to have "fun" in, let's say, next 3 months.

    If that doesn't seem like a possibility, girlA is your friend.

    And you go to girlB for your "fun".


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  • Girla... sounds flaky.. Find out if she likes you then take it from there.. If I was in ur shoes I wouldn't mess with girlb.


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  • No strings chik