Do you know of any online dating success stories?

Do you think the online route is a good option? Or are you skeptical? Would you ever try it?


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  • I'm a tried skeptic. I don't think it is a desperate thing anymore and plenty of normal attractive people do it.

    My issue is that you neverknow a person until you meet him and a guy can seem perfect online and then you can meet him and feel no chemistry. This guy I met online seemed perfect. Age that I like, similar background, smart, good job, and his descriptions were so much like me and the type of relationship I want. But unfortunately when we met, there was no connection. He liked me but I did not feel any chemistry or attraction. We did have a good mental connection and we agreed on many things but my gut just wasn't feeling it. Not to mention that unlike most people he looked better in photo than person. It was just uncomfortable for me.

    So I think it is a bit like shopping. You can find many kinds of people but if you arelooking for aspecific thing it can be difficult. Plus I think it is pointless to wait a long time before meeting because you never know until you meet, no matter how great your ims are. Also, the ones I was interested in weren't the ones I got messages frm...I know I can be a bit choosy so online dating isn't great for me.

    But, a girl I know met her husband on a dating site for their religion. And my friends cousin as well. And my classmates cousin with her serious boyfriend.

    It definitelycan be successful but you have to be lucky. And very open minded. The less specific type of person you are seeking, the better experience you will probably have.


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  • Yeah, I would definitely give a shot. I personally have 2 friends who met their husbands on a dating site ( and are you interested) and another one, my cousin, who met her current live-in boyfriend on another dating site.

  • I think it can work, if you live in the same City.

  • Well, let me tell you first about a few successful online relationship stories that I know of then tell you what I think of that kind of dating.

    I have a friend who knew a guy years ago online. They were thousands of miles apart but strongly clicked and had a special emotional attachment. I must add that he is 15 years older than her and from a different culture and religion. A couple of years later, he came here and proposed to her family and she relocated with him. They are happily married for 4/5 years and he has an amazing relationship with her family and vice versa. It's odd and unbelievable yet true and real. :)

    I had online dating story but it didn't end well because he was a player so I ended up things with him. I must say that if a person is not decent, he will use the internet as a tool to play girls and bait them with fake promises. If he is a decent person, he will not do that whether it's online or in real life. It is all about personality, you know.

    Ofcourse we should be cautious in a relationship like that because you don't know the "real" personality or the real person you're dealing with. That said, a lot of lies could be told and a lot of fake promises could be made. Therefore, we should be very cautious, avoid setting high hopes and be realistic.

    All in all, in a lot of cases it works and in a lot of other cases it causes heartbreaks. :)

    • Aww thanks for sharing! The first story is sweet! Sorry it didn't end up well for u! It's good that you saw him for what he was though. Yep caution is definitely a must...u never know these days!

    • Exactly. :)

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