If a guy you liked never asked you out for a long time, would you give up on him?

Even if he asks you out after a long time of waiting?

I messed up with a girl badly, but that is because she made me jealous because she wanted me to speed the process up and ask her out or find out if I liked her or not...i got really jealous and stopped talking to her, as well I was confused and I didn't know what was going on. She got really mad at me and ignored me as well and gave my dirty looks. She would however give me signals to approach her trust me

Any how it has been a long time (almost a year) and I am scared she has last interest in me, what do you think, do you think I still have a chance?


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  • I don't think that she's over you. The fact that she's giving you dirty looks means that you hurt her pretty badly & she's trying to make you feel her wrath. XD Try to see if you can talk to her & tell her that you had & still have feelings for her but you got confused. Don't give up just yet. Chances are she'll make you kiss up to her so she can come back to you, she'll come running back, or she won't come at all. Either way, don't give up just yet. If she doesn't like you, there are plenty of other girls.

    • thanks I like your answer, but what do you mean by kissing up to her exactly?

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    • makes sense, thanks

    • No problem!

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  • You still have a chance. But you are going to have to be very straight up with her about what happened and how you feel, because you've seen how badly trying to send a message with hints can backfire, and you will only make her angry if you do it again. If you keep that in mind though, I'd say your chances are actually pretty good, since she is clearly not over you.

  • So basically I'm guessing you felt under pressure and therefore decided to stop talking altogether out of stubbornness? What were you jealous of? What have you not mentioned here?

    • she made me jealous with this guy...she ignored me and walked away with him.

    • She probably did that to try and get you to realise, to force you to think about the two of you, to make a choice. I think you have a chance but you'll have explaining to do and you may have created doubt in her mind.

    • true true, there is work to do lol

  • giving you dirty looks? hmmmmm, I dunno, I guess it's better than not looking at you at all. Tell her you weren't sure if she liked you so you were scared to ask her out...If she likes you, she will understand.

    • why are you confused about the dirty looks? I think its pretty obvious she got mad at me for ignoring her...i also gave her dirty looks though and don't forget signals of interest.

    • I'm not so much confused as I am shocked, she's being super obvious lol everyone is different though. If she's shown you signs of interest than I wouldn't be too disheartened by the dirty looks, she's probably got feelings for you so is upset by your lack of action. If she's still single a year or even 5 years isn't too late.

    • lol I know...i am just not very good reading girls lol. Any how let's hope it isn't too late.

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