Guys, would it be weird to text him?

Long story short, he was an a** to me and I ended up deleting him on Facebook. His best friend was just deployed. Is it a bad idea to text him simply showing him my support and that I'm keeping his friend in my prayers? Sure..he broke my heart...but in the end, I'm still a good person and want to be nice. Should I bother texting him after I deleted him on FB? (We haven't talked since's been a few weeks) Will he think it's weird or nice?


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  • i require some clarity. why would you delete him and yet still want to text him? do you just want to console him?

    i think it's better if you just leave him alone since he was an ass to you and he would take you being nice as a signal that you are okay with treating you badly.

    • It's not that I still want to text him. I'm moving on and I'm fine with us not talking. But just knowing that his best friend is being deployed, I feel like I should say something. Maybe not. I know he's got other people in his life that I'm sure are giving him support through this time...I just didn't know if I should show my support. But I agree with what you said. I think I'm just being way too nice. I don't want to be anyone's doormat.

    • yeah. just leave him alone. don't text him.

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  • I think that it may seem a little weird, but considering that it's a nice thing you're doing, you should try it out & see what happens.

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