Why would a guy act like this? Makes no sense to me...

Why does he:

Text me all the time but hasn't spoken to me (like at school)in years

Always tell me I'm beautiful and says nice things like that he likes my eyes but then goes and talks to me about some girl he likes.

Talk to me via text about "positions", fantasies, etc...Sometimes including us together

This is all so mixed up! What does it mean (if anything) and why would he be like this? Do I just continue humouring him? It's weird and makes no sense. it's way too awkward for us to start talking at school now.


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  • Simply said he's probably clumsy at this whole relationship starting thing. He probably tries to tell you he likes you through the compliments and then feels like he's being too easy and tries to make you jealous again. Let me ask you something... do you like this guy? If you do, then what you kind of have to do is make a move (nothing too romantic), just something like, talk to him at school or catch up with him after school, let him see that you are potentially interested and see what he does next.

    • I'm really not sure I like him.. How could I when he acts so differently through text? He doesn't even act like he knows me at school... Although I have caught him looking at me, I don't know for how long or how often though

    • Then there's no real issue yeah. He's not really important to you till he gives you a good reason to think of him that way. Just have fun and only do as much or go as far as you want to.

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  • Well he Might just like you and want to get with you and is just hiding it by telling you and talking about them other girls. never know with us guys we're all confusing I guess. lol


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  • He sounds a little 'player'-ish. If I were you, I would humor him if you felt it was beneficial to you. If you don't feel that to be the case, then don't. Either way don't take the relationship too seriously until he shows specific interest in you only.

    • I don't think he's a player, only because I know like all his secrets and insecurities and he really is a genuine guy. But thanks :)

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    • I excuse you. ^ ^

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