How much should you SMS each other before the first date?

I'm kind of nervous...we sms each other on Sunday and Monday, but not today , and if we do we didn't do so for long...I'm thinking this guy I'm going to go out on a date with isn't really interested since he wants to go for a movie, where he could take advantage of me...I think it might also just be me, I've been used many times and very protective would take a lot to charm me off my feet...if he's going to kiss me, do you think it would be alright to tell him I'm not comfortable with it? I'd like to have a few dates first to get to know each other first...

We met at a party, and we did make out, but I had a few drinks but at least I was able to say I didn't want to go home with him...


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  • You should do what it takes to be comfortable before moving to the next step, whatever that is. Always have an exit plan. Being rushed = he doen't care about you and has his own agenda = you will be used again.

  • Well I don't think it is strange to go a day or two without texting each other. Second, why do you think he isn't interested just because you guys are going to see a movie? Isn't that a pretty normal date activity?

    And concerning the kissing, you should never do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn't matter if it's on the first date or after 10 dates. Be yourself and be honest, speak your mind. ^^

    • thank you, I think I'm just overly nervous now...I guess I've become very picky since I've been hurt so many times, so trying to make excuses why a guy is never good enough for me...

    • Well that's only normal ^^ just don't give up, there are good guys out there...

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