Can you help me define the line between a subtle and a too strong approach?

I'm typically a wordy kind of person and after I get a girl's number I generally like to text them a good amount I dish out compliments where they are deserved and just tell them the truth that I find them very attractive sometimes I come on too strong though can you help me define the line between a subtle and a too strong approach I wanna be somewhere in the middle of both extremes.


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  • Dont give a girl compliments through texts. It would be more sincere giving them in person while looking her in the eyes. That she won't forget. And don't text too much either. If you want the relationship to work you need to text for a few days just to the point where you can ask her out and she will feel like she knows you enough to say yes. Otherwise you will just go through some important faces of the courtship in texts and you really don't want that. In texts be friendly with the right amount of teasing. Enough so that she will laugh now and then and think you're a cool guy. And that's it. Your goal is to take her out a few times until you escalate physically.

    • I see what your saying I just have to work on my patience I guess

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    • You will do fine :) All of this is pretty logical. And you are welcome to ask anything when you need answers :)

    • thanks man I appreciate it

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