This guy never texts me

Whenever I text him we have good conversations and he seems interested we have hung out a couple times and I like him a lot so I don't want to mess it up by being too forward I think he's shy though and doesn't have much experience with women so should I just wait for him to text me and if he doesn't oh well? Or keep initiating communication?


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  • I'm in your same exact position, except I haven't hung out with her (we planned to hang out this weekend, but I don't think it will happen).

    I was always the one initiating conversations/asking questions with her over the winter break, and she seemed interested. But she gradually stopped after Christmas time. Not sure why exactly.

    If there is anything I do know.. Its the mistake of always initiating conversations.. when you do that, people will tend to rely on you always doing that, and they may start taking you for granted. That's probably not exactly why the girl I like, stopped being less responsive.. But don't always be the one to initiate texts. It gives the other person less of a reson to initiate a text, and wait for you to do it.

    I think you should stop initiating texts or text much less often. Or better yet, just playfully casually ask why he doesn't initiate conversations. If he doesn't after that, then just stop initiating conversations altogether over text and see how he responds.


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  • stop and see what he does. not sure if he's just super shy or not interested

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