Is he worth it?

I was at my EMT class recently and I was sitting next to this guy and a class member said this comment and well I was thinking out loud and said something dirty. Well the guy I sit next to, I think he is really is nice and I would like to go out on a date with him but I first want to know if he was worth it. After class that day, he texted me and asked if I wanted hookup or mess around. I just told him I am not that kind of girl.

We keep texting each other and I am beginning to think that was all he was interested in. I am 20 and he is 22. I guess what threw me off was that he seemed well grounded and mature for his age but I am not sure at this moment. I just wanted to know some other people's opinion on the subject. So basically is he worth it if he asked to hookup and I said no and I mean no but yet he still texts and calls me?


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  • He seemed well grounded and mature---that doesn't say much about his real mental maturity...if he texted you that one day asking to hookup or mess around, then you know what this guy really wants. Since you said something dirty in class, I'm guessing this guy is not buying your excuse that your not that type of girl, and maybe that's why he texts and calls. Seems to me he is not worth it...


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