Should I just start ignoring her...again?

Ok this is gonna be a weird one, so I started dating this girl a few months back, we got together and then we broke up not too long after because she said she didn't know yet if this is the right choice for her, I agreed to give her time. We still hung out after that and cuddled here and there but then she started becoming flaky and kind of a bitch (pardon my french) until one day she completely ignored my texts and bam, an epic ignoring of each other began.

Then we ran into each other at a party a month or so after, and one of those AWKWARD ignoring of each other with no eye contact was made. Of course as these things go a few days later we get to texting each other and she asked to apologize and meet up. Me being the dumbass I am agreed, I literally thought this would be a "im so sorry blah blah its all good, grab a coffee and catch up then shake hands and just leave on good terms" kind of thing. Before that day was over sure enough we were in each others' arms again. And on the date thereafter we agreed to give this thing another try but to wait a while to become "official".

All the signs are there that she's sincere and truly likes me, she laughs at all my jokes even the horrible ones, powerful eye contact, that nervous giggle girls do, we make plans together, I mean the list is endless. Problem is this girl is just so unpredictable and indecisive and I don't know what the problem is that's causing it, and I know this problem is going to ruin this second "try" just like the first. How do I know? We made plans two days ago to meet up that night, had a two hour text back and forth kinda thing talking and agreeing to it, then when night came she just shot me a text saying she's sorry she can't make it because her mom is bitching her out about something, then nought but 15 minutes later shot me a text trying to explain it further. I just didn't respond, and we havnt talked since.

Why didn't I respond? Because that excuse sounds pathetic, what it has to do with us hanging out I still don't understand but this is starting to sound eerily like a repeat of our first bout together. Maybe I'm freaking out too much over this first flake, but its just that she totally agreed to it then just came up with THIS excuse an hour before we were to meet up. If she had just said "no" from the start it would've been all good.

I don't know what her deal is, does she just want attention? Is she bored? Or is she really confused and just doesn't want to commit because she's afraid?

Should I just continue to ignore her, or wait for her to text me, or text her back asking how her "argument with her mom" turned out?


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  • If she is "unpredictable and indecisive", then yes, cut her off. If she wonders why you do, lay it out. Tell her you've been patient with her and that you've tried to be understanding (as you seem to have been), but that she has in fact been unpredictable, that you've gotten mixed messages, that you feel like you're being led on, anything like that. I don't think she is worth your time. It seems she just likes the attention.


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  • she was polite enough to text you that she couldn't meet. a lot of people would of blown you off and waited until after the fact. you have to respect her for being respectful enough to give you a heads up. I think you should be a little more understanding because I did that to a guy and lost him because I was being selfish.

    • I get that, its just that this is exactly how things started to turn ugly the last time we tried, nothing but excuses. And this one just sounds so blatantly untrue, even a "sorry some family issues came up blah blah" would have been better. Its just from past experience when people try to overly explain why they're flaking, its more than likely utter bullsh*t.

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