Did I just suddenly stop loving her?

Me and this girl are madly inlove with each other and we know it, she broke up with her boyfriend to be with me but we decided to wait because it didn't feel right to get together right after they broke up.

So today we met and before we met I was feeling really good about it I was pretty sure that this was the day that we're gonna get together and I had a really great time but she said that we need to wait just a little bit more. And when I got back home, I wasn't feeling as good as before we met.

one of the reasons is that I have a test tomorrow and I don't understand the material but is it disappointment and depression because of my expectations and reality in addition to the test tomorrow or did I really stop loving her?


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  • When did you start loving her? You haven't even dated or anything... I would say you're confusing lust and attraction with love.

    It sounds like you're getting annoyed with her stalling techniques. If she broke up with her boyfriend to be with you then why isn't she with you?

    "we decided to wait" = she decided to wait

    Be careful that she actually feels the same about you as you do about her...

    • We decided to wait so that we wouldn't hurt her ex, when did I start loving her? 5 months ago.

    • You missed my point entirely.