What are the chances.

What are the chances a junior girl would go out with a freshmen.

and do you think its weird that a girl dates a younger guy or a guy dates a younger girl


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  • At my school it is very common to see upper classmen dating the lower classmen. Last year I couldn't tell you how many freshmen attended prom and junior prom with their senior/junior boyfriends/girlfriends. In fact my close friend (girl) asked out a freshman, but he was the one uncomfortable with it. Another friend of mine (girl) is dating a freshman now. (We are juniors) I don't really mind freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors going out with each other as long as like the older person is not trying to take advantage of the younger.

    • Thx, also if you could answer one more question. A junior asked me to eat lunch with her and I was the only guy there and she bout up prom and said she didn't have a data and probly wouldn't was that a hint or what.

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    • She could be trying to play it cool. How close were you guys? Now that I think of it, she could have been venting to you when she said she didn't have a date cause she trusts you, but I'm surprised she acted that way after she brought up prom like that.

    • I don't know we meet like 7 days ago and I realy won't to know if this is a good sign or bad sign

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  • 7 days? I would take that as a good sign cause she asked you to hang out right away. I feel like she has some interest in you, probably just playing it cool.

  • my boyfriend was a junior and I was a senior when he asked me out..

    i got to know him first and we really hit it off so when he asked me to be his girlfriend I was more then happy to accept.. we are going on 2 years next month and I love him he's still in skool cus he's a super senior but I don't mined.. I don't think dating someone younger is a big deal anymore I think its more commen now


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