There's this guy and I want to see him we have been texting but haven't finalized anything!

we Haven't seen each other in a few months..and we have been kinda texting but why Haven't we seen each other? we do have a history.. should I be straight up with him and say so we talk but don't see I'm not down with that or something ah help!


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  • you rerally neeed to calm your f***ing t*ts

  • You give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Call him, set up a date and ask him to hang out with you that date. If he has an obligation somewhere else, it is OK, fine, no worries. Tell him to plan a date when he is available. If he doesn't make an effort to set up a date, then this guy is playing you or simply uninterested. Then, you shouldn't waste your time with him. Give him one and only chance.

    • can I say.. so we ever gonna or not let me know. and then see what he sais I belevie he shud be the one to pick me up and I don't even wanna go on a date I just want to see him adn talk to him its been so long

    • You're doing that to give him a last chance. See how he responds to that.

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