How do I keep his interest with texting?

I met this guy a couple of weeks ago and he asked for my number, he's texting me everyday since than and I'm starting to like him. I'm in my exams now so I can't meet up with him, and the texts are getting a bit less and we don't know what to talk about that much anymore. It's like, he asks me everyday what I did that day, but all I do is study, so that answer gets boring after a while.

How do I keep his interest during texts so we can meet up after my exams? Because I don't want him to think I'm boring or anything :/


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  • Joke around, flirt (any girls hit on you today?) (I can't wait to meet/see you again), random stuff. Make it fun, don't just have small talks and don't ask question too many question. The best way to start a question is not to ask questions, asking question doesn't get you anywhere.

  • It's easier than you think.

    Since he's asking you what you're doing, how about ask him what he's doing.

    Obviously he already has some interest in you since he's texting you everyday. All you got to show is that you're also interested. Just make it a point that exams are taking up your time but you'd be down to go out after it. Use emoticons. Ask him questions that seem to imply something... hopefully he's not dense. Just show your interested.

    Life is simple.

    • Yeah, I'm asking him what he's been upto and that we should meet up when my exams are finished and stuff, tnx!

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