Should I be mad or is it not a big deal?

I've been dating this guy for about 3 months and everything was going great. We haven't been able to see each other very often because we're both in college and have conflicting schedules.

However, we're both on break from school right now and I have made it perfectly clear that I can hang out any day that he's free, but he doesn't seem too interested in hanging out. He says he misses me and wants to hang out and whatever, but he doesn't seem to put any effort into actually hanging out.

Last month I saw him a total of two times.

I tried talking to him about it and ask him if he's sure he still wants to date and he just seemed utterly shocked...

So basically, I'm kind of upset that he doesn't seem to actually want to see me. Is it understandable that I should be upset over this or should I just suck it up and not worry about it?

Thanks in advance


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  • your pushing too hard. guys lose interest after a couple of months automatically, especially if the girl is pushy about hanging out. The same thing happened to me, I just didn't feel like seeing this girl, I was busy, and she got pissed at me and I was already annoyed by her so when she got mad it was just the straw that broke the camels back.

    • ok this helps

      I've been really just keeping it to myself or talking to my best friend

      she said I had every right to be upset with him, but I felt like it was a little ridiculous for me to be upset so I decided to let him "come to me" and I've been trying to stay busy so it doesn't bother me as much

      thank you

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    • no, thank you

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  • If he is taking a difficult major, he might simply be busy. Otherwise you should be upset. A relationship is not made by one person, and it most certainly can't keep going if only one person puts the effort in. Maybe you also put less effort and see if he reacts to it. If he doesn't it might already be over. You deserve better.

    • I understood when we were both still taking our classes, but now that we're on winter break, I thought we would get to see each other more. I think he's still interested because we at least talk everyday whether it's phone calls or texting, but it seems weird he doesn't actually want to hang out.

      thanks for your comment

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    • Cause that's how guys think. At least that's what we think it will lead to.

    • yeah I definitely think he knows that

      I've actually slept over at his dorm a few nights and we've made out and what not, but I think we both know that we aren't ready for that yet

  • it depends. if you are putting in a ton of effort and he's doing essentially nothing, of course you can be upset. but if he isn't doing anything and neither are you, its a bit ridiculous for you to be upset with him...

    • I always invite him to hang out or I even ask him when is the next time he is free and he tells me that he'll let me know what day for sure. However, I always have to keep asking him because he never tells me.

      I invited him to hang out with my friend and I on New Years Eve and he told me he was busy, then the night before new years he completely forgot what I was doing and he told me he wasn't for sure what he was doing and he "guessed" he would hang out with his friends.

    • oh then I think its pretty reasonable for you to be upset. not like pissed off, but upset

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