He hangs out with other girls and doesn't invite me?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 months (serious relationship) and his two best friends are girls and he has more friends that are girls in general. I don't mind that he has friends that are girls, I just want to go too because it makes me paranoid even though I trust him (I don't trust them; he was cheated on in a previous relationship).

He never invites me to hang out with his friends that are girls, only the guys. Also his girl friends say stuff on Facebook like "hanging out with my best friend (girl) and my long lost bf" or take pics with him to make it look like they are kissing him on the cheek.

Any ideas?

Mind you, I have no friends here yet (just moved here) so I can't do the reverse psychology thing.


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  • It is weird that he doesn't invite you over when he goes out with his girlfriends. You aren't paranoid at all. It is your right to hang out with them. Guys are keen to introduce their girlfriends to the whole world when it is a serious relationship. It's odd that he doesn't. I guess that his friends joke too much and he doesn't want you to see this. Maybe he feels more comfortable when you aren't around because no one is there to monitor his actions and say "Why did you say/did this and that?" "Why did she tell you this and that?", etc...he doesn't want drama + he wants to do whatever he wants. That is why he doesn't want you in the picture. Seriously you need to tell him that right in the face. Be calm and polite but ask him why and if he made up excuses tell him it seems that he doesn't want you to be there and that it's weird.

    • Ok, I see how that would pose a threat, me asking him stuff like that. He told me a few days ago that I am very questioning. That's how my mom is so that's all I know, besides I got out of a bad relationship RIGHT before him and everything makes me skeptical sometimes.

    • Yeah, I understand. That's why don't be confrontational. Just ask him calmly and let it be one question or something. Don't list him a group of questions. But seriously it's your right to ask him everything. Healthy relationships is all about good communication. :)

    • Thank you for BA. :)

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  • Well gee he might appreciate if you would ask to come long and meet his friends like for me my gf's don't meet my friends for a while because I know they'll say something stupid and f*** it up but if you're serious and have been dating a while then just say you would like to go with him at least some of the time but I mean you obviously can't be there every single time he wants to hang out with his friends so if you really trust him then just remember the fact that he would never do that to you


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  • I trust you but I don't trust others is the oldest excuse in the book. My ex used to use that one on me. You don't trust him and you shouldn't if he never invites you to meet them. It is kind of suspicious that he never invites you if it is a serious relationship.

    • I guess it may be a little bit of both. I've tried to talk to him about it, he says he agrees he would be mad it it were me, but he still does it.

    • I have way more guy friends than girlfriends and none of my guy friends are ever afraid to let me meet their girlfriend and I always introduce my bf's to my guy friends. That is the way it should be.

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