Random hookup at a bar..now he texts me 2 months later? has anyone done that

Ok so I hooked up with this guy at the bar once and he happened to b one of my friends former hook up guy or ex I don't know ..w/e it was she was upset I was drunk so I didn't pay attention to it, I didn't even c her we both left he walked me home. Next day he texted joking if I got in trouble ( neither of us knew we both knew her) he said she called him upset and he set her straight w/e that means.. I was like well what's up with you 2 he said ah nothing..so I was like ok.. I was like yea she was pissed...then we never texted each other back..., but I did nothing wrong the girl hooks up with million guys. So I never spoke to her about it, I wasn't going to apologize and I acted totally normal and the same the next day when I saw her. So all of a sudden this kid just texted me? Its been like 2 months I didn't even save his number...Is that weird why is he texting me? I don't know if I should even answer him... I kinda of want to he was such a goood kisser lol haha but isn't that random


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  • Well he probably wants you as a booty call again.

    • Hm could b . but we only made out...and he knows I am not a slut or easy.

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    • Lol well hook up can mean diff things to people . to me having sex is having sex not hook up..

    • Lol well when you say we hooked up, everyone is going to take that as "hooking up." You make it sound a lot worse then it is.

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