Is it annoying if a girl texts after a date?

I went on a date a week ago and I can't stop thinking about the guy. I've only texted him once since to find out if he wanted to hang out but he said he would be busy the upcoming week. I really want to text him again but I'm afraid it would seem nagging... especially since I don't have much to say besides the fact that I can't stop thinking about him! (I think that would freak him out). I'm thinking about waiting until this weekend to see if he gets back to me to see if he's really interested in seeing me again.

Is that a good idea? Or should I not wait and just text him?

If you were a busy guy would you mind if a girl you went on a date with texted you every now and then... even if it was just small talk?


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  • Yeah its fine to text him. But he said he is busy, so you might appear desperate or nagging. Perhaps its best if you wait for him to text. In my case, I won't mind, but I don't know about your guys personality.

  • nope perfectly cool thing let him know you still like him


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