Will a guy text you for a long period of time if he isn't interested?

I worked with this guy for a year, he would flirt with me sometimes but I had a boyfriend so I didn't really respond much to it. We never got the chance to really talk. I ended up moving 3 hours away ( now single ) and he messaged me on Facebook and we started talking. He gave me his number and we were texting for hours in the beginning but now I'm the one initiating. He always responds and we talk for a while most of the time, he uses smiley faces a lot and he laughs a lot too. I don't want to keep bothering him if he won't initiate, but I really want to get to know him, because I may be moving close to him ( for a job ) Does it seem he might like me but the distance is keeping him away? Or should I stop texting him? I even tried waiting, I waited 6 days and got nothing, now I wait about 4 days, because I'm busy my self. What do you think? I also told him I might be moving back there and his reply was "there ya go :)" lol I even asked him if he could teach me how to golf like him and he said "lol surely" . He's complimented me before too he said " a beautiful girl like you, how can I not notice" Sorry its kind of long. Just confused!


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  • Think about it this way; is there really a reason that he wants to talk to you after a year when you live 3hrs away other than that he is interested. If he goes out of his way to talk to you (even just a little bit), has flirted with you, and has flat out told you you're beautiful (guys mean what they say), there is literally 1% chance he isn't interested. This guy has the hots for you, you have nothing to worry about.

    • lol it seems pretty obvious when you put it that way. I just didn't know since he never texts unless I do, but I guess that's not a big deal. thanks :)

    • Yea guys are simple, girls though...

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  • from experience, if a guy is interested in you, even a bit, he will initiate contact. a guy will talk to you and stuff just fine if he feels indifferent about you, but if he likes you you'll probably notice him giving you more attention.

    • I should just stop texting first then huh?

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    • don't play the stupid mind games. DON'T DO IT. All it does is piss us off. I had a girl that would do that to me and all that got her was the loss of my interest. Seriously there is nothing more annoying than those stupid games, just be real to each other and you'll see how much better it goes. All you'll end up doing is creating drama and getting pissed off at each other for stupid things.

    • what about that is a mind game? it's just not texting first, just to observe what he does

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