How do you know if you are the rebound chick?

Been dating for around 2 months he has met my mother and sister and we go out on dates at least 2 times a week we both work and our schedules are opposite so its hard. He does care about what's going on with me. I do know he was engaged and the girl cheated on him with his best friend (he introduced me to that guy) I still can't help but thinking that every time expect for one I have to go all the way to him and he is usually doing school work and I help him with it. Is it terrible of me to think maybe he is using me as a means to get his work done? I don't do his work I help him with it. We do make out a lot and he respects my wishes to remain celibate. Should I talk to him about how I am feeling?


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  • No

    You should keep it inside until the day you die.

    doesn't that sound healthy?

    it is too early to be having these doubts

    I would suggest speaking to him upfront and radically honest or just backing off and see if he misses just your help or he misses you as the person you are

    • how can I check and see if he misses me and not the help I provide him with ?

    • I was using sarcastic font


      if you back off and he comes back around

      he will ask you for help within the first couple meetings and you will then know that is ALL he was after

      make sense?>

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