Strategy. Am I just seeing things or does it really seem like there is very little variety in dating anymore?

I see so many people on this site, men and women, who are always saying that all guys/girls are different. While this is about as truthful as it gets, why doesn't anybody adjust their strategy according to a person they're into's particular unquiness?

It seems to me that everybody just uses the same old, tired lines, goes to the same boring places and do the same boring things with every single person they come across.

For the guys, you meet a girl who loves animals but it seems to be all the same dinner and a movie varients. Why not take her to a dog show or an aquarium?

For the girls, you meet a guy who loves cars (and what guy doesn't?) why not try putting on a show and going to a car dealership pretending to be interested in a car the two of you can look like you can afford? Have some fun on a test drive.

Those are only two small examples but they get the point across. So tell me ladies and gentlemen, am I just seeing things or does it really seem like there is very little variety in dating anymore?


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  • It's not just dating variety that's currently suffering in our age group, in my opinion it's dating altogether. A lot of people our age would rather "hang out" and "hook up", as opposed to actually getting to know someone and investing time and effort into that endeavor. As far as tailoring dates to unique and specific interests, that's also a great idea - it reflects your interests if it's something you like, or conveys your interest into seeing what the other person likes, if that's what is planned. Or if it's something that both parties like, that's even better. People who are "creative daters" definitely have an advantage, and they deserve it for their thoughtfulness and ingenuity.

  • In the early stages, you have two strangers getting to know each other. They're trying not to spook each other, so they'll usually opt for more controlled situations.

    That's why they do dinner and a movie, the expectations are fixed, no surprises, impossible to screw up. I don't do it because I've outgrown it, and have my own dating style: brief face-to-face, activity, long face-to-face.

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