Girls, what is she doing is that really a "not interested"?

To make this short... it's this girl , we have been talking for a while now, like for 3 months. But this girl hasn't throw out his feeling yet or I don't know what she doing or want. First I thought "she's really into me" then "now I'm not sure she is " & the again "she is". This is a girl that works every day of the week & Sundays so she is busy .. so I got to a point that I asked her what she wanted & this was the answer "Right now I barely have time for myself & friends, so when I'm free from work in the day I sleep or I'm with the family" Now I haven't talk to her for like 2 days & obviously I want to talk to her but I'm afraid I'm gonna come off as a stalker ... with the answer she gave me, which now I'm telling myself why I asked her that. Hahhah I thought I was gonna get another answer because I thought she was really into me & who knows maybe she is but she's busy doing her things. What can I do here to fix this & not come off as desperate? Any advice? Maybe that answer is "I'm not interested" but it's weird because we have been talking a lot like she was calling me I was calling her & now it's like that! ?


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  • Give her space...its therapeutic for women..well both sexes but do give her space...sometime a girl's into You but wen it seems to her tht You aren't looking at her issues she does get irritated and it just rolls off the tongue sometimes apparently or hinted...well from what I can gather she's not tired of You or want You to go but work stresses people out an tht can play off in the way she interacts with U...cuz somehow she's looking at it like this...U asked her some question and in her mind U're not bein sympathetic to what's going on with her...U should be instead You know tryin to understand because U're annoying her ...that's what I pick up from is detrimental to this issue...give her time to come back will drive You crazy am sure but try to give her space call her sometimes and ask her how she's doin..don't ask her out so fast...U need not worry so much because she hasn't broken anything off or gotten pissed at You or used a tone she's just in a place mentally and physically that makes her need time to herself...ummm You can send her a gift msgs that's she's appreciated etc just try to make Ur presence felt but not actually getting too involved k..that's as far as I can place my finger on it..hope this helps


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  • If she were interested in you, she would make time for you. I don't care how busy she claims to be. If she truly were interested, she WOULD make time for you. She may enjoy your company as a friend, which is why she talks to you, but not anything more.

  • i would say that she is stressed and doesn't want you and her to get into a relationship that would be a bad one.. and that you should give her some space for the rest of the week then say like hey we havn't talked in awhile just seeing how your doing and sound sincere and tlisten and care about what she has to say


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