Boys: would you text a girl everyday if you are bored?

BOYS do you text your female friends everyday if you are bored? for example, I have this one male friend who texts me everyday (sometimes he might miss a day or 2 at most). its always him initiating and he's usually at work (sometimes with friends and family but mostly work). His texts are usually like 'hey what's up?' 'how's your day going' or he'll simply tell me something interesting that has happened to him in throughout the day...

-also, when we text we usually keep it short not constant texts back and forth foreverrr

-he is 26...i'm 23

-we've known each other for like 3 years but we both live in different states at the moment


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  • There are a million things to do when bored, and texting a girl (for boredom's sake only) isn't very high on the list. Although technically I'm bored and answering questions on this site to alleviate it, so who knows anything is possible.

    If I was interested in pursuing a girl, I would make communication attempts with her. I'm not into the texting style, so I'd just call instead if meeting in person wasn't possible. But maybe he has a budget phone plan and is doing the texts to save on his minutes, which is understandable since overcharges can be pretty nasty.


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  • He likes you. Simple as that.

    Personally, I don't make an effort to text girls I'm not interested in (in terms of a relationship) this seems to be common among my friends as well. Evidently, because you live in different states he's just talking to you so he can have sone fun with someone he knows well so he is in a good mood, he won't be expecting anything more. But that doesn't mean he doesn't want anything more.

  • he likes you.

    can be platonic.

    but he likes you and wants your presence around.

    presence - can be in person or as messages.


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