He got off his online dating profile, what does it mean?

ok so I'm kinda freaking out. so guy I dated a couple months we started slow but things got moving faster last couple dates emotionally and physically... crazy chemistry, connection... almost overwhelming for me felt he felt the same way. but then we had kinda a disagreement. I sent a text that was kinda rude but at same time just sticking up for myself.

we didn't talk for two weeks. two weeks later he texts me saying how sorry he was that it was his fault we had fight that he was just overwhelmed with life that I was great girl and he had feelings for me but he was in nasty custody fight with wife and he couldn't concentrate on anything else at moment. that he wanted to keep seeing me but wanted to get son's visits set up first and that after that when he called if I didn't want to answer and talk he wld understand.

I responded in kind saying I wished him luck with custody fight that I felt same way, etc. OK, so it's been only two weeks. we had both been on dating site. I got off last week... didn't want to see his profile up since I know we both went on a bit and it wld be too hard for me to see him on if he did go on.

well my friend who is on contacts me tonight says that the guy closed his account. I cldn't check Because I'm not on but she showed me her site and he was indeed deleted off with user closed account message. what does this mean? is it just confirmation that he got off Because he just focusing on battle with son? cld he have met someone else in two weeks and already gotten off site for her? cld he have gotten off Because he saw I was off? ugh I wish she didn't tell me Because now I am overthinking it help lol...


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  • Well that's a much different situation versus what I hear mostly which is the man created a profile behind the girls back. If he deleted it I would assume that he really is under some kind of pressure to deal with real life issues. Perhaps just the opposite has occured, that he has closed his account and wants to seek out a real relationship with you instead. So maybe YOU are that girl he shut his account down for.

    It also could be what I think is the more likely situation (if not what is pushing his motives more than his feelings for you) is the custody battle that he is going through to get his son. I would say just give him a little more time, like say a week but after that contact him if doesn't to you first and ask what's going on. How he is doing and details about the custody battle. I think your panicking a little bit and thinking the worst which in fact I don't think is the situation at all.

    • thank you so much for your advice...yeah I'm panicking and gotta stop...what you say makes sense...esp with it likely being even more bout the custody stuff. gonna try to relax over the next week and see what happens...fingers crossed!

    • Good Luck I hope everything works out for the best.

    • thank you so much!

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  • I think you are jumping to way to many conclusions. I mean you are thinking about the worst case scenarios here. I think he has a lot of stuff he is having to stress about right now and they last thing he needs is more stress and drama and you need to be there not as a relationship partner right now and more of a friend he can lean on. There is nothing I appreciate more than when my girlfriend does that for me when I am going to through hard times which have been frequent as of late. As to the meeting someone else I believe if you really think about that you would realize that that is just expecting the worst and the possibility of that being the answer is next to none. I have started to over-think things before and every time I am proven wrong. Trust him and don't contact him because that will just add more drama to his already hectic life and calm down. Simply be supportive and he will let you back into his life when he is ready

    • thank you for your advice...i'm gonna try to be patient and calm for sure!

    • Good luck!

  • He's probably dealing with his divorce and custody battle. That's pretty stressful he probably doesn't want to deal with dating right now. If you can contact him, be supportive. Do not contact him if you think you'll act needy. That won't help him. Relax and wait for him to deal with his problems, be supportive of him and help him through as much as he'll let you.

    • i will thank u! and you don't think it could any way be him finding someone less than two weeks from when we both expressed are feelings for each other right? I've not contacted him because I want to give him space to deal with what he is dealing with at the moment.

    • It's unlikely but not impossible. Considering what he's dealing with it's probably the custody battle that made him delete the account. Worrying about it isn't going to help anything. I suggest contacting him to show support because it will bring you closer with him, but you can't act needy about it or you'll drive him away.

    • ok thank u! I feel I will just back off til he contacts me last time we chatted I made it clear I was here for him so I don't wanna bother him...i will try to focus on other things and hope he comes around to talk soon!

  • He's got a lot on his plate. The last thing he needs is more drama. Be there for him, but stay out of his way. Now is the time for you to be more of a friend and less of a lover.

    • i agree with you...i'm going to stay back and if he comes to me as friend needing help I'm here for him (told him that when he reached out to me a couple of weeks ago). other than that besides sending him a cute holiday message to cheer him up (was a funny e-card thing which he laughed at) I have left him alone entirely. as hard as that's been. I respect his need for space.

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