I really like this guy, so what should I do or think in this situation?

I met a friend of mine over the summer at a conference, and he seemed really interested in me, talked to me, flirted, danced with me, and when we left, started emailing me to get to know me more. At the time we met he had a girlfriend, and he suspected that I liked him and told me that he was trying to make his relationship with her work, which I respected, and so told him that I was interested in someone else. We talked quite a bit over the summer, and up until the beginning of the school year, where things became a little bit more difficult to keep talking as he started a Master's program and I was very busy myself. At this point I haven't heard anything from him very often, but I really think he's the type of person I should involve myself with. He's no longer with his girlfriend, I believe, since the day I started dating my most recent ex he imed me and told me it wasn't working out with her, and again, when I broke up with the other guy, suggested that I ought to find someone actually in our major/field. So my basic question is - what should I do? Should I email him and tell him that I like him and I had hoped maybe something could happen when we saw each other again in May? Should I wait to hear from him? Or should I wait to see him? Do you think anything could happen, from what I've said does he seem interested in me?


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  • Well...you seemed to have ignited a spark at some point so why not try to find out if it's still there? I would say don't just do all of it at once, but maybe you can ask him on a date, a simple one and see how it goes. If it does goes well, repeat a few dates...and if it goes really really well after some time, just enjoy :)

    Don't overthink it.



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