What was this guy expecting?

So I have this guy friend who always makes me feel better and talks a lot. When I broke up with my ex he offered to take me out to a movie and dinner to help me feel better and to get me outta the house. So I was expecting it to just hang out as friends. So the next week I took him up on his offer. When we talked about it, he called it a date. So I was kinda thrown off...

So we go out and he's dressed real casual and it seems like it was just hanging out again. So I don't know what to do? Here are my questions:

What was he expecting?

Should I ask him or just leave it alone?


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  • Some guys are considered "Passive Aggressive" and give mixed signals to everyone as a force of habit. It's their quiet sort of defense mechanism. The best way to know for sure is to ask him. If he hedges and gives you 1/2-baked bs answers, then drop him. Passive Aggressive guys are very hard on the heart and on the mind -- not just where potential dating is concerned, but with communication in general.


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  • i think he has an agenda and is interested in you. if my friend just broke up, I'd rather bring her somewhere peaceful to relax and chat rather than to a movie and dinner.

    are you interested in him? if you are, then perhaps you should hint to him and let him know when you are ready to start dating again.

    if you aren't interested in him, you could just go out with him as friends, nothing wrong with hanging out as well.

    all the best(:

  • He wants to date you...but frankly he's doing what girls do.

    He's "hinting, hoping you get it", so he doesn't have to be overt and be directly rejected.

    How does it feel, to feel how most guys do when it comes to girls? :-P

    But seriously...if you like him, make it obvious. :)

    • lol well I talk to him a lot but he kinda blind-sided me earlier in Oct. We had been talking since my school semester started so I thought he really was interested because he'd randomly call me, etc. Then I see on fb one day that he's now in a relationship. So I was confused by him...just decided to be friends.

  • Lol you friendzoned him and now he's trying to fill that gap with you.

    • haha well he friendzoned me first back in October lol

    • Yeah well he missed his chance, this is why I don't make friends with girls I like.

    • haha yeah he did

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  • If you're not ready for another relationship or if you're not interested in a relationship with him, then just say so. Make it clear - tell him that you're not comfortable with the idea of dating yet or that this "hang out" is exactly that, a hang out.

    As for the "date" business, sometimes it's just a way of saying something, kind of like an in passing kind of expression to say it's going to happen. I say it all the time with my friends, family, etc.

    • Oh I just wasn't expecting him to really think of it as a date. So I was jw if he meant it as a date or like you said, just an expression. I'm ready to date. Just don't think it's a good idea for me to start anything just because I have one more semester left of school so anything that starts would be long distance after graduation.

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