Is it just me or do people seem to only remember your foul ups or when you have upset them and then....

go on to question your entire relationship based on the one foul up which apparently blankets the entire thing? Honestly it sores right over my head. As of late I have begun to notice this from a few people in my life, enough for me to feel the need to post a question about it. I do not get how people can live this way. To give you an idea of what I am talking about here is an example that literally just happened last night. I was hanging out with my friend and as she was leaving she said that I can call her to hang out any time and that it doesn't have to be just her who initiates everything...I was floored but I kept my tongue in cheek because I didn't feel like getting in an argument. If I could provide the phone / text records between us I would but I'm not kidding when I say I initiate at LEAST 95% of the contact between us. Now over the last week I haven't been calling or texting anyone (including her) just because I feel like having time alone for a while from everyone before I start school again in a couple days. She apparently notices that I haven't been texting her and yes I'll admit that over the last 7 days she has been the one to initiate every contact between us, but the fact that she brought up that she didn't have to be the one to initiate everything all the time just bugged the HELL out of me because she decided to blanket this ONE week over the entirety of our friendship (which is just over 2 years). And frankly WHY does it even matter that I haven't called or texted her in the last week!? Who the f cares!? It's not like we are dating, we are just friends. I don't understand! ANYWAY. Now that my rant is over, I just want to hear what people have to say about this? Does anyone else feel that people do this to them? Or am I just crazy?


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  • Yep - people do that all the time.

    I'm guessing because they feel either hurt personally by said issue, or thing said issue is more severe than the grand scheme of things.

    The texting initiating is stupid. What you should have said was - " It doesn't matter who initiates really."

    Because it f***ing doesn't lol.

    Seems like she was just trying to say something bitchy because she was a bit upset for not being texted for the few days.

    And maybe she likes you more then a friend.

    Or is just one of those clingier friends who thinks a few days of not being texted by someone means they're hated or something.

    But yea, remind her you've been friends for 2 f***ing years, and it shouldn't matter who initiates what - and it's not a crime for you to have a few days to enjoy a non social existence to get your head together.

    I hate phones, so not a fan of texting - or interacting with them - yet my friends know I'm good for it and care about the bonds we have regardless.

    She should be the same way because you can't get upset over a 2 year friendship due to a lack of texting. Be different if you guys had a fight - but if not then she should shut up and appreciate what you guys have.

    Some people have no friends so.

  • Yeah, some people just hang on to the old, even though it may have been completely ridiculous, they expect the other person to apologize, even if it was their doing, they just don't understand.


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