I'm in a bind. Should I text this guy?

This guy gave me his number on a dating site after messaging for a week. I think he is cute but he is not very good at holding a conversation. I keep putting off texting him and now I feel bad because its been two weeks since he gave me his number.

Should I text him or message him back? Or message him and then text him?


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  • I guess first you should think about what do you want from him and according to that you will tell if you want to text him or not

    I hope that will help(:

    • I would love to hang out and eventually date him. We seem to have a lot in common but I just have never gave my phone number out to someone on a dating site and I'm extremely nervous about doing it.

    • In this case I think you should relax and text him right away (;

      I mean what do you have to lose and good luck

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