First time meeting someone I met online 6 months ago?

so I met a real nice man while he was serving over in Iraq (u.s. military). we met online and ended up keeping in touch with each other (by email and phone). he said he wanted to get to know me as friends first which was totally cool with me. anyways I'm finally moving to the same place where he lives (it was my original plan and I was hoping to meet someone who's from the same place where I'm moving to). so we're getting excited to finally meet each other. I just don't know how to do this and I'm rather nervous about meeting him. does anyone have any tips for first time meeting up with somebody? like do I just shake hands or hug or what. I had a bad first meeting with another guy like quite a while ago and I ended up wiping out right in front of him and I was so embarrassed - it didn't work out so any suggestions or bad experiences would be greatly appreciated :o)


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  • How could he be a nice guy if he's serving a colonial army in Iraq?


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  • When you see him I think it would be appropriate to give him a hug. I guess I don't have any super great advice, but just be yourself. I hope things work out and good luck moving!

    • aww thanks for the advice for just giving him a hug and just being myself :o) and thanks for wishing me luck on the move.